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Guitar Lessons


No two guitar players are the same, so why should your lessons be?  Sean tailors each lesson to suit YOU, whether you want to learn Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz or work towards taking your Rockschool grades. YOU choose the songs, YOU choose the style and YOU choose the outcome.

Sean wealth of experience playing in recording studios, on stage and live on the radio means he can prepare you for any situation and help you take the next step in your music career. 


Acoustic Guitar Lessons ~ £30 p/h 

Electric Guitar Lessons ~ £30 p/h

Bass Guitar Lessons ~ £30 p/h

Ukulele Lessons ~ £30 p/h

Music Theory Lessons ~ £30 p/h

Rockschool Guitar Grade Lessons ~ £35 p/h

Rockschool Bass Grade Lessons ~ £35 p/h


Acoustic Guitar Lessons ~ £20 per 30 mins

Electric Guitar Lessons ~ £20 per 30 mins

Bass Guitar Lessons ~ £20 per 30 mins

Ukulele Lessons ~ £20 per 30 mins

Music Theory Lessons ~ £20 per 30 mins

Rockschool Guitar Grade Lessons ~ £25 per 30 mins

Rockschool Bass Grade Lessons ~ £25 per 30 mins



Email: seanbishopguitar@gmail.com

Phone/Text: 07725342209