• Sean Bishop

Touring With Billy Talent

When I'm not teaching guitar lessons in Chelmsford or examining for Rock School I am often on the road with my band, Tigress. In 2017 we were fortunate enough to play with Billy Talent in Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic to sold out audiences of 4000 people a night.

During my guitar lessons I like to pass on the experience I have gained through touring and playing live to large audiences. Playing guitar live is very different to practicing in your bedroom and during guitar lessons I aim to prepare my students on what to expect.

Songwriting is a key skill which most students like to learn during their guitar lessons, this is something we work on over time and develop along with technique and performance skills. I try to encourage my guitar students to write songs as most opportunities such as playing tours, festivals and on the radio come as part of being in a band or working with an artist.

Supporting Billy Talent In Saint Petersburg

Supporting Billy Talent IN Moscow

Supporting Billy Talent In Prague

Sound Check In Prague

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